Get connected at Pathways

It’s always a great opportunity to meet influential people who work in the industry you are trying to get into. As an aspiring journalist, I found attending Pathways ,a creative media industry event, an excellent way to ask for advice and skills needed to stand out from the crowd and be original with my work.

 Meeting Danielle Hayden from BBC Breakfast and having the chance to interview her about what it’s like to work in the company  really helped me to gain more knowledge about the industry and encouraged me to keep on going.


Valentine’s in Madrid

Travelling with your significant other is always a great way to build a strong relationship and create lasting and blissfully sweet memories to carry you through tough times. As well as learning to trust and rely on each other, you gain more confidence within yourself.

Spending my valentine’s weekend in Spain with my boyfriend helped me to learn so much more about him as well as falling in love with him all over again.

Madrid Indian Gardens

It’s always worth taking the bold step to create and share those unforgettable moments with your partner on holiday and experience exciting new things.

Centro Madrid

Love on New Year’s

It’s always special to have those you love and hold dear around you during a blessed time like New Year’s. It can be moments like these that make you appreciate what you have and grateful for the ones you love. In my case, I learned to appreciate my family and not just my boyfriend.

Sometimes I find it easy to lose gratitude and thankfulness for my family and not truly grasp their value and how much they mean to me. I get caught up in bombarding my family with my needs or issues in my relationship instead of listening and paying attention to them. (really bad- I know!)

I don’t get to see my boyfriend much, it can be hard to make ends meet in our long-distance relationship, but I was able to be with him on this special day. Whilst watching the fireworks display and the light switch on to welcome the New Year, I realised that it should not just be my boyfriend whom I focus on but letting people who love and care about me dearly into my world and making them a big part of it.